trendy tuesday: nine fantastic strollers we love

              1   |   Nuna Demi Grow     2   |   Bugaboo Bee     3   |   Mutsy Evo     4   |   Nuna Mixx2     5   |   Doona     6   |   UppaBaby Vista     7   |   Nuna Tevo     8   |   BabyZen Yoyo     9   |   Stokke Scoot

AHHHHHH BABY GEAR!! One of my all-time favorite subjects and items to shop for!!! If I had to make a list of my top five must-have baby items, a great quality stroller would be one of them. I swear by a good stroller. Personally, I had an extremely difficult infant who didn’t sleep for over a year and a stroller kept me sane half the time. Going for long walks outside was one of the only things that would keep her quiet and calm. (Great baby gear can truly make mom-life so much easier, functional, and practical on a daily basis.) And, lucky for us, most great quality stroller lines have compatible seasonal weather gear! We have put a lot of miles on our strollers over the years, and it is still an item we have utilized on a regular basis well into toddlerhood.

One brand you will see me feature a lot is Nuna. I LOVE NUNA. I have never been disappointed with the quality and longevity of my Nuna purchases. I have had Nuna infant car seats, Nuna convertible car seats, Nuna pack-and-plays of multiple sizes, Nuna strollers, and Nuna swings. One may not guess it by the above photos, but that Nuna Mixx stroller in the above photos is over three years old, has been washed dozens of times, traveled on multiple vacations, logged hundreds of miles of use and still looks almost new.

I could talk about this very topic for days. I did not include any jogging strollers above because, typically, you don’t “jog” with a baby until they are around six months in age or size. However, I included a great Thule jogger and some accessories in the widget below. And since this is supposed to be a short post, I will keep things brief. Below you can find a shoppable widget with more strollers and compatible stroller accessories (I put as many items in the widget as possible, unfortunately, it won’t hold a fraction of the items I wanted to include)! And, if this is a subject you would like me to write in more detail on……..PLEASE let me know 🙂

xoxo, alli



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