trendy tuesday: nifty nordstrom neutrals

1   |   black blazer       2   |   watch       3   |   three-tone bag       4   |   button-up blouse       5   |   black chain-link bag       6   |   sunglasses       7   |   neutral dress       8   |   black earrings       9   |   leopard dress       10   |   wool jacket       11   |   ballet flats       12   |   sweater jacket       13   |   black purse       14   |   black sweater dress        15   |   neutral pump        16   |   stud earrings       17   |   black leggings       18   |   ivory scarf       19   |   cream coat       20   |   sequin camisole

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! I hope ya’ll are having a terrific day! I’m sharing some awesome Nordstrom neutrals today. As much as I love pops of color (and I really have been trying to wear more color), anyone who knows me knows I could easily dress in all neutrals all the time. I love the basics. I love timeless pieces that one can invest in for years. For example, some people don’t believe investing money into a nice handbag is worth it and that is totally fine, but if you are a person that does than why not invest in one that will last through evolving fashion trends and be a solid staple for years? And, for me, timeless pieces are more often than not in a neutral color palette. I would rather have less items in my closet that are versatile, timeless, and I genuinely wear the heck out of, than a closet full of things I half like and will only wear occasionally.

So, in addition to the links above, I put together a shoppable “Nordstrom Neutral” widget for you below. Happy shopping!

xoxo, alli


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