trendy tuesday: a night out on the shy side of sexy

1   |   Stripe cowl neck tank     2   |   Senna red blouse     3   |    Sevilla surplice navy bodysuit     4   |   Cutout surplice cream top     5   |   Devon vegan leather pant     6   |   Angelica leather pants     7   |   Free people mom jean     8   |   Devon vegan suede pant     9   |   Gigi caviar clutch     10   |   Kira white envelope clutch     11   |   Kira cream envelope clutch     12   |   Cobble hill leather clutch     13   |   Calfskin fold-over clutch     14   |   Nudistsong sandal     15   |   Alanah wedge sandal     16   |   Atkins sandal     17   |   Mary wedge     18   |   Ariella sandal     19   |   Sequin sheath dress     20   |   Color-block slip-dress     21   |   Fiene mini-dress     22   |   One shoulder pink dress     |

Happy Tuesday all! Today I’m sharing some great night out pieces (some staples) that don’t have to “show everything” to be sexy. Personally, on the occasions I am able to go out, I like to look good. But, more importantly, I like too feel good and even feel sexy. However, I do not want to wear shorts so short my “cheeks” hang out, or a dress so tight and barely covering me that I can’t breath or eat. Because what girl can feel good when they can’t eat and are struggling to breath normally? None that I know. Maybe it’s because I am closer to 30, or maybe it’s because I am a mother now, but my views on what I find sexy and appropriate for my stage in life have changed from that of my former 21 year old self. I opt for showing shoulders instead of cleavage, fitted instead of painted on, and heels instead of sky high platforms. Maybe this is the older/wiser me talking, but I truly believe a woman doesn’t have to show every inch of her body to be sexy.

So, if you want to find your shy side of sexy with me, see the links above 🙂

xoxo, alli


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