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Sarah, the bombshell behind Sassy Red Lipstick, and her husband Robbie took the social media world by storm when a post of Robbie’s love for Sarah went viral (link here) some months ago (check out Robbie’s book here). Since then, these two have been featured all over from The New York Times to Shape, to Forbes, to Women’s Health, to CNN, and NBC (links here, here, and here), spreading messages of love and body positivity. Together they have built an empire of followers and continue to grow their body positive fashion and lifestyle brand. Quite simply, this power couple is breaking down stereotypes and using their voice of influence to speak out and make a difference with a splash of style. I am beyond excited to have had the privilege to chat with Sarah about building her business and delighted to share the interview with you all today.

So, without further adieu, I’d like to introduce to you Sarah of Sassy Red Lipstick:

What do you define your brand as being? What kind of personality does it have? When people think about your brand, what feelings and associations do you want them to have?

Sarah     |     My brand is all about inspiring self-confidence and body positivity! I want curvy women all over the world to know what they don’t have to be a size 2 to be chic. Robbie and I have worked so hard the last five years to cultivate a community of women and girls who are seeking style inspiration with a positive message. Sassy Red Lipstick is all about loving the skin you’re in and throwing a little sass in there as well. 

Me     |     This is inspiring. As a mother of a young daughter in a world that can often be cruel, it is refreshing and encouraging to see a beautiful woman like yourself promoting a message of such confidence and natural beauty in such a positive way. 

Have you ever gone through a rebranding process? If so, what did you feel were the problems with your previous brand? When did you go through this process? And, what did that look like? 

Sarah     |     I’ve always stuck with the Sassy Red Lipstick name and message, but I’ve certainly gone through a couple redesigns. Styles change and evolve over time and it’s very important to stay current while keeping your brand integrity. For my last site redesign, we paid a professional web designer to customize everything, and that was the first time we had someone besides Robbie redesign my site. It was a much-needed update and as a growing business, it’s important to know when you need to bring in an expert to help you out. Your brand is everything, it’s what faces the world and brings people in. There’s no amount of time and energy that shouldn’t be spent on branding.

Me     |     That is very insightful, this is something I am beginning to learn quickly! 

What are your favorite brands? What brand do you currently represent? What brands have you previously represented? What brands do you hope to represent someday? What was your breakthrough brand deal? 

Sarah     |     I love working with any brand that allows me to promote my message of body positivity. Campaigns that focus on size inclusivity or self-confidence are a perfect fit for my platform and those are the ones I’m most passionate about doing. Working with Aerie over the last couple years has been a dream come true and I value my relationship with them very much. They’re a great brand that is doing so much good in showing real, natural beauty.

Me     |     What an incredible opportunity! Sounds like a fantastic fit!

 What would you say to a new blogger who is trying to gain exposure and experience through collaborations with other bloggers/influencers? How does one go about such collaborations? How have such collaborations changed now that you are an established influencer yourself? What does this process look like? 

Sarah     |     There have been so many changes over the past couple of years. Instagram has become the new blog and people don’t read blogs as much anymore. Instagram has switched up a lot of their strategy, which in turn is making it hard for a lot of influencers to grow. For aspiring bloggers looking to collaborate with other bloggers, I would say focus on growing your community and reaching out to brands instead. At the end of the day, there’s not much another blogger can do for you, the real question is how can you work with your dream brands and grow your influence. It’s all about prioritizing return on investment and focusing your energy on what matters most.

Me     |     Being new to this world of blogging, I would not have thought of that approach. Thank you for the advice.

How do you balance your professional and personal lives when working with your spouse? How do you guys separate the professional and personal? 

Sarah     |     It’s tough! In this industry, our personal life is our business because we share so much and that’s how we’ve built such an amazing, supportive community. People want to see what we’re doing behind the scenes and connect with us on a personal level, which we love! However, that can be exhausting sometimes when we just want to unplug and have a moment together. Robbie and I are always talking about how we can find more balance, and it’s an ongoing process.

Me     |     I can’t imagine working so closely with a significant other. However, you two make it look so fun and enjoyable. Furthermore, it really appears working alongside one another has only strengthened your relationship, friendship, and marriage. 

How do you and Robbie maintain your personal space when working together? What does your individual personal space look like? How often do you take time for yourselves as individuals? 

Sarah     |     We both have our own little workspaces here in our cute little condo in San Francisco and we just get things done on our phones and laptops. Working from home can be tough because you don’t have to get dressed, you end up getting lost in your work, and after a while, you can feel a little cooped up. We try to make sure that we are working smart and not burning ourselves out. I often go to a SoulCycle class in the morning and Robbie will go run errands for us in the afternoon. I frequently have events to attend in the evenings. We try to find a good balance of time together and time apart because I think that’s healthy in a relationship.

Me     |     I couldn’t agree more. Balance is key for all walks of life. 

Do you and Robbie ever have conflicts in the workplace? If so, what is an example of this? How do you resolve such conflicts without straining your marriage? What areas are generally yours to manage and why? What areas are generally Robbie’s to manage and why?

Sarah     |     Totally, that’s marriage! Working together adds an extra dynamic to our relationship that we’ve had to learn to navigate. Sometimes it can be tough to distinguish when the other person is acting as your business partner and when they’re acting as your spouse. We’ve learned that communication is key, positive and kind feedback is necessary, and saying sorry is very important. Whenever we remind ourselves that we are on the same team, it’s always a positive outcome.

Robbie handles a lot of the business development and creative direction of Sassy Red Lipstick. He’s very talented at negotiating and making sure that his vision is carried out. I couldn’t do what I do without Robbie and it’s been amazing to look back and see what we’ve accomplished together since starting SRL when we were dating in college.

Me     |     It’s so uplifting to hear you and your husband speak about one another so fondly and in such high regard. Being single, it makes me so envious, and in the best way possible. The authentic love and devotion you two share with one another and pass along to the world gives us single gals out there hope for our own love lives 😉

Social media can take up a lot of time, enough hours to easily equate a part or full-time job in and of itself. Do you use a social media management company? Or service? If so, which ones have you used in the past and currently use now? 

Sarah    |     There’s a popular quote that says, Entrepreneurs are the type of people that work 80 hours a week for themselves so they don’t have to work 40 hours a week for someone else. It’s so true! We feel like we spend every minute on our phones and laptops, answering emails, editing photos, negotiating new campaigns, and a million other things. We have handled it all ourselves and we’re proud of the results. We do plan on hiring an assistant in the near future as we begin to branch out and start new, exciting projects. 

Many successful bloggers have attributed their success on social media and growing a mass following to authenticity, creativity, etc. What do you attribute your social media success to? What is the biggest thing that has contributed to growing your mass following? 

Sarah     |     One of the most common questions we receive is, How do I get a lot of followers on social media like you and Robbie? It’s always an impossible question to answer because it’s like asking a professional basketball player how they got to the NBA… years and years of hard work! We’ve been at this every day since 2013 and then last year we went viral which really helped grow our platform to a global scale. The key to growing a big audience is a consistent effort, creative branding, and yes, being genuine and authentic. If you’re doing the right things each day, eventually your community will start to grow.

Me     |     Fingers crossed! 

What are your plans for your social media platforms in the future? How do you plan to continue to grow? What is your plan for growth? And, what is your 5-year goal for brand growth on social media? 

Sarah     |     Social media is always changing so we are always prepared to evolve with it. We have plans to create more video content, we want to realize my lifelong dream of releasing a clothing line, and we want to do more content together like a podcast or something. Right now we are focusing on continuing to build our following and creating engaging content.

Me     |     Well whatever you are specifically doing, keep it up! You two are crushing it! 

If you could leave your followers, and future followers, with one message about your brand, life, love, and happiness…what would it be? In sum, if you could use your voice of influence to share one message, what would that message be? 

Sarah     |     Believe in yourself! Becoming a successful fashion blogger seemed like such a far-off dream when we first started, but look where I am today! Be confident in who you are and pursue your passions. If you put in the work day after day, you will look back and be amazed at how far you’ve come. Chase your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you that they are unrealistic. You never know, you might just make it!

I want to thank Sarah for taking the time to let me interview her, it was a fun and informative experience! I am so appreciative of her openness, and willingness to share. I love being able to learn from other successful bloggers, and this was no exception 🙂

xoxo, Alli

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