first two weeks of half marathon training

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Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful past weekend, and a productive week so far. We were so busy last weekend it hardly felt like a weekend at all, the time just flew by. Now another week is going by, and we’re back to the grind of everyday life. Today I thought I would share an update on how half marathon training is going. From the time I registered for the marathon, I had approximately 21 weeks to train. I did not do anything the first week and set up a training plan for the following 20 weeks. Honestly, I’ve worked out more in the last couple weeks than I have in the past couple years combined.

Routine   |   I set up a fairly consistent routine. So far, I haven’t had to alter it for my schedule. I am sure there will be times in the future I will have to, but at present, it works with my typical weekly schedule. Monday is for cross-training. I have typically been doing some form of circuit strength training for my cross-training. Tuesday is a run day. Wednesday is for Speed-training. Thursday is a run day. Friday is a rest day. Saturday is my long run day. And Sunday is a rest day. I run the same distance on Tuesday and Thursday. On Saturday, I have been doubling the distance of my Tuesday and Thursday run. As my distances increase, I won’t be doubling the distance on Saturday. However, right now, it works.

Pros   |   Two of my best friends are doing the marathon too. It is great to have two individuals I am so close to holding me accountable. Because if I’m being totally honest, if they were not training as well, I would have probably already been slacking. My mom has also been helping too. On occasion, she will ride her bicycle next to me while I run. This is especially nice later on at night when it isn’t as safe to be running alone. That being said, I have more energy on a daily basis than I had prior to starting the training process. And though I am still not a fan of the actual work out, I do feel better and have a clear head after I am finished with a workout or run.

Cons   |   My two close friends doing the marathon with me don’t actually live in the same geographical location I do. Because of this, we don’t actually have a regular (or any yet thus far) opportunities to physically train together. Due to my work schedule, I have to do my training in the evening or at night. I “could” technically get up and do it before work in the morning, but I am not going to get up at 3:30 am to start my day; in no way is that practical. Because of this, it is often VERY hot and humid when I am available to train. It is also very windy. And while running into the wind is most unpleasant, I would take the wind any day over heat and humidity that is so bad I feel like I can’t breathe.

Takeaway   |   I still do not enjoy an actual workout. But the consistency and routine of regular workouts are growing on me. The support of friends and family participating have been invaluable. But the biggest takeaway I have so far is, I need to listen to my body. I am no longer a spring chicken. Granted I am not considered to be “old” by most standards, but I am also not 18 years old anymore. It’s been a long time since my body has endured this kind of physical training and my body can no longer recover like it could when I was younger. I have sustained a lot of injuries in the past, and I need to be careful not to injure myself further or cause problems with a previous injury by overdoing my training to a damaging level. So, even when I finish a workout a feel like I could do a lot more, I need to take a break and let my body rest.

It is still very early in this half marathon training process. I look forward to (and am a little nervous for) the weeks to come. I will try and continue to post regular training updates throughout the next several months!





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