3rd birthday: an open letter to my baby

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So first and foremost, please ignore my absolutely phenomenal hair in these photos 😉 #winning.

As a parent, it’s extraordinary how fast time can move. I want so desperately to move back in time and rock my newborn peanut in my arms. Yet, I cherish the exciting new stages of development my daughter is moving through at present. There were times at the beginning of this past year when she was struggling so much with custody visitations I wondered how we would make it through. I hoped and prayed, and worked tirelessly to help her any way I could, though nothing felt like enough. Though things are far from perfect, all the hard work and compromising has improved life for my little. And as I look back at this past year–breath a sigh of relief while having tear filled eyes–I am so grateful to have had another year with this incredible little girl I am blessed to call my daughter. I look forward to the year ahead and all the new experiences life has in store for us.

To My Sweet Girl on Your Third Birthday,

First and foremost, I love you. As cliche as it sounds, I love you more today (and with each day) than the day you were born. I didn’t know then how it would be possible to love you any more than the already all-consuming love I felt for you at your birth. Quite simply, you are the light of my life.

This past year has been full of challenges, struggles, triumphs, and joy. You have found your independence and love to make choices for yourself. You have your own clock of time for life, and will only move at your individual pace. You have unique toddler taste buds and still favor avocados, hummus, spinach dip, “noonles,” and hard-boiled eggs. You love everything pink and rock your own signature style similar to a Pepto-Bismol bottle. You love cows and horses and adventures to the farm with Papa. You will swing for hours at a time and let out the biggest giggles for “doggies.” You are so good at helping Mommy and Nana with various chores, you are awesome at wiping down any surface and helping with laundry. You are kind to your friends and sharing willingly. You love to snuggle before bedtime and still like Mommy to sing you to sleep at night. You are tenative around the water, and are still cautiously exploring the idea of swimming. You are learning how to ride your tricycle and scooter (you prefer to use your left foot over your right). You love to dance like a “be-a-rina” (ballerina) and can’t wait to start dance lessons. You are OBSESSED with purses, and any bag you can pack full of all your special “things.” You love the story of Madeline. You have asked to sing “Peter Peter,” “Ducks,” and “Rain Drops” nearly every night for the past nine months straight. You are smart as a whip and remember wayyyyy more than you should 😉

I am beyond proud of the extraordinary young lady you are becoming. Your sense of adventure and wonder inspires me. Your fierce determination and strong-will challenge me. Your kind and tender heart melt me. Your attitude and big personality humor me. Your giggles infect me. Your polite manners impress me. You have a way of viewing the world that makes Mommy open my own eyes a bit more every day. And your love, will always and forever, consume me.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. Mommy loves you more than you will ever know.



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