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building jewelry essentials  |  Building one’s closet with essentials to make up a wardrobe for decades to come takes time. Finding the right jewelry to help build such a wardrobe is one component to not be overlooked. I love Kate Spade jewelry and accessories, and here is why:

Kate Spade jewelry is solid quality, I have yet to have a piece break or tarnish on me; I have had some of their watches for nearly a decade.

The Kate Spade pieces I have invested in haven’t been an outrageous price. I intend to wear my ‘staple’ jewelry for years to come. Because of this, I don’t want to waste money on super cheap fashion jewelry that tends to tarnish after just a few months. At the same time, I don’t have an endless budget where I can afford real diamonds and 24k gold pieces. So, I have opted for a slightly higher price point than $5-10 fashion jewelry in order to get some higher quality pieces with longevity.

I believe the core, or heart, of my jewelry drawer, should be as simple as possible. Yes, I know ‘simple’ isn’t always as fun or trendy as super funky statement earrings that have a definite WOW factor. However, the simplicity of jewelry makes it easier to blend with different outfits, various colors, and changing trends without competing or clashing with your overall look. Think, versatile.

For jewelry shapes I prefer universal shapes such as round, oval, and square; NOT star or heart. For jewelry colors I prefer plain metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, etc.; I like to avoid fussy textures and details. Colors to be remembered are black, white/ivory, tan/browns, and navy. There are also a few timeless seasonal colors like red and plum. Again, think versatile. I am not going to invest a lot of money on this season’s “it pastel color” in different jewelry pieces because it will go out of style quickly and will not coordinate with as many different outfits as a ‘staple jewelry’ piece would.

staple pieces

stud earrings  |  My jewelry collection would be lost without stud earrings. These work whenever, wherever, and for whomever. Stud earrings are the definition of versatile; day to night, work to play, school to a special occasion, mom-life to nightlife. I think an ideal stud size is at least 0.24ct. This size is enough to add a subtle sparkle without looking overdone. However, if I want to add a bit more sparkle and shine, I will go a little bigger in size (approximately 1.0ct to 1.5cts). For staple pieces, I have clear studs, yellow gold studs, rose gold studs, black studs, and pink studs.

hoop earrings  |  Hoop earrings are a classic staple, they work with nearly any outfit. I think an ideal size is between 1-2 inches, depending on one’s facial structure. That size isn’t too big or too small. But I would recommend people choosing hoops scaled to their facial features; thinner and smaller for smaller facial features, and the opposite for average to large features. Personally, since becoming a mom, I love mini hoops because babies and toddlers don’t tend to pull and yank on mini hoops like they do bigger ones. Again, think simple and versatile. So, sticking with a simple hoop–small to medium in size, one metal tone, without extra details–will get you the most bang for your buck.

drop earrings  |  Even if I am trying to keep things simple, I like to have at least 1-2 pairs of drop earrings. These don’t have to be a huge chandelier or dangle earrings, but something that will boost the glam-factor of a dressier outfit. When finding a pair of earrings like this, I like to ask myself, “Can I wear these earrings with both a church dress and a night out on the town outfit?” If the answer is yes, then those drop earrings are a win! I have a pair in a yellow gold metal tone and a rose gold metal tone.

bracelet  |  A versatile bracelet is a great addition to any look. I like to wear mine in stacks with other bracelets or watches. I like to choose metal bracelets in a clean, classic design without a lot of embellishments. I don’t have any beaded bracelets. However, if I was going to get any other kind of bracelet than a metal tone bracelet, I would get something with pearls.

watch  |  I love a good time-piece. Next, to stud earrings, my ‘must-have’ jewelry piece is a watch; my wrist feels naked without one. I like to have leather strap watches, especially for every day. I think leather is a chic style that is a little more casual than metal. I like metal tone watches for their versatility though too. As well as my Kate Spade watches, I have a yellow gold watch and a rose gold watch. If someone is looking to get just one watch to cover all their bases, a two-tone metal watch would be a great option.

pendant or pearl necklace  |  A pendant necklace is another way to put some glam into an outfit. I personally prefer a smaller pendant to avoid drawing too much attention to my neck and chest. A simple pendant shaped like a solitaire would withstand the test of time’s never-ending evolution of fashion. Though I don’t have them pictured, I also own a few sets of pearls. My pearls are more of an investment than any of my other pieces of jewelry, but they are also heirloom gifts passed on to me. Because of this, they have value far beyond any dollar amount.

Happy Jewelry Hunting Everyone!


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