live colorfully

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Look details:  Boden pants (similar styles here and here)  |  Boden top (similar styles here and here)  |  Louise et Cie heels (additional links here and here, similar style in a flat here and here)  |  straw bag (similar styles here, here, and here)  |  Kate Spade earrings (additional links here and here)  |  Kate Spade bracelets (similar style one here, here, and here; similar style two here, here, and here)  |

I love this look! It is fun, colorful, and also COMFORTABLE! The overall look makes me think of Kate Spade’s phrase “live colorfully.” There are so many ways in which we, as individuals, can lead a colorful life. Everyone may have their own definition of what “living colorfully” means; but, to me, it means doing things I enjoy, things that push me to grow as an individual, things that nurture my soul, things that are out of my comfort zone, etc. Colors have an incredible ability to change moods, change a way of thinking, change a way of how something is viewed. Quite simply, colors have this powerful ability to make people see things differently.

Colors have their own language, a language that may often speak louder volumes of a person than words. To me, this is fascinating. I looked up the meaning behind the colors I was primarily wearing in this #outfitoftheday, and I was shocked at how much it spoke to the emotions I was feeling when choosing it. When I chose this outfit, part of me was feeling confident and brave. Beginning this new chapter in my life with an inner bold strength, I have had the energy and motivation to make positive improvements in my life. At this same time, the other part of me was feeling, wise and calm. I have had an inner peace with this new chapter of life by holding on to my integrity and knowing I’ve made the right choice for myself and child by having the strength to start over again. Cloths and color have such a story to be told to anyone who wishes to take the time to ‘read’ and listen. I wish everyone a happy Monday, and hope you’ll “live colorfully” this week 🙂

Below is a very brief breakdown of the psychology of colors I wore in this look:

red  |  Red signifies a brave spirit with leadership qualities while advocating for one’s aspirations and determination to achieve. This color also represents confidence and an inner strength and will.

red represents  |  1) energy: boots physical energy, increases heart rate and blood pressure, prompts adrenalin release; 2) action: fast-moving, pushes need for movement; 3) desire: stimulates physical desire, sex, appetite, cravings; 4) passion: passionate beliefs, both positive and negative

effects of red  |  1) stimulating: physical senses ignited, sexual and physical appetite. Stimulates deeper passions like sex, love, courage, hatred, and/or revenge; 2) motivating: red excites emotions and inspires action; 3) attention-getting: red commands attention, alerts to danger; 4) assertive: commands a take charge attitude

blue  |  Blue is reliable and responsible; can be relied on to take control, do the right thing in challenging times. This color models inner security and confidence yet shows a need for order and direction in life. Dark blue, in particular, represents knowledge, power, integrity, and conservatism.

blue represents  |  1) communication: describes one-on-one verbal communication and self-expression; 2) calm: induces inner calm and peace, especially dark blues; 3) honesty: color of truth; 4) authority: the darker the blue, the more authority it has; 5) religion: represents devotion and religious study; 6) wisdom: enhances intellect

effects of blue  |  1) conservative: safe color, most universally liked; 2) predictable: not impulsive or spontaneous, needs to analyze and think through, likes to plan, doesn’t like to be rushed; 3) orderly: needs direction and order, doesn’t like untidiness and unpredictability



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