life lately 3 | 22 | 2018

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Happy Friday all! It’s been a packed full week, with an even busier week ahead. With all the chaos of activities, errands, appointments, and work it gets easy to get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes it’s nice to hit the pause button, take a breath, and live as much in the moment as possible. For me, the best moments to hit the pause button for are when I hear the words: “Mommy, my wanna cuddle you.” My daughter was never a snuggle bug as an infant, or even in her early toddler days. However, she recently developed a love for mommy and me snuggle time and I couldn’t be more THRILLED about it.

I should explain her snuggles do not last long, sitting still is not her strong suit. However, I have been more okay with movie time lately since it means she will typically sit and snuggle with me for at least half of a movie. Otherwise, she still only wants to cuddle for longer stretches if she’s super sleepy, been away from home, knows she’s gonna have to be away from home, or is sick. Regardless of the reason, soaking up the extra loves are my favorite moments of the week. Since transitioning to a big girl bed, she has begun to ask and want me to snuggle her before nap time (and sometimes nite nite time too). And, during the week, when it’s just baby-cakes and myself, during nap-time I have been making a conscious effort to put the phone and electronics away and simply stop the chores, stop the activities, stop the to-do list, and just snuggle my ever-growing girl.

Another moment I have been hitting the pause button on lately is a weekly mommy & me date. This time isn’t anything fancy. Typically we’ve been going to get a treat (like a smoothie) or have lunch together just us two. Granted my baby-cakes and myself are together nearly all the time. However, we usually have other people with us too. So, it’s nice to have a small, simple date just the two of us on a regular basis. Taking 30mins to an hour to just pause, and enjoy this precious time of her childhood is a reminder of how blessed I am to have her. My aunt lost her son (my cousin) over a decade ago. She’s shown remarkable strength and resilience in her life since. One thing she always reminds us (the family) to do is: never turn down an opportunity to do something with your child. If they ask you to share in time with them, take it. For there are so many people in this world who don’t have those opportunities anymore and would give anything to have just one moment like that again with their child. And, my aunt is right. So, in all the hustle bustle I am trying to pause.

I hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!

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