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Hey all! Happy Thursday! It has been a full week again. We’ve been battling sick little ones at home for weeks 🙁 but hopefully, everyone is on the upswing now. Today I wanted to share with ya’ll about our music class! At the beginning of this school year, I enrolled baby-cakes and the little boy I take care of in Kindermusik! Admittedly, at first, it was not so smooth sailing. Trying to juggle two little ones in a music class where most parents just had one child took some practice on my part, and some getting used to on the kiddos part. However, enrolling in this class has been one of the best decisions for baby-cakes. She LOVES MUSIC CLASS!

The kids are in the Level 2 Wiggle and Grow class for children age 24 months to 3 1/2 years. They are enrolled for one class a week. However, the Wiggle and Grow class has two sections and is therefore offered at two different time slots a week. Because of this, if we have to miss our regular class because of sickness or a scheduling conflict, there is an opportunity to make up the missed class (which is AWESOME). This class encourages toddlers to initiate their own ideas, explore their surroundings, and be creative with movement. Furthermore, the class promotes cognitive development through song, dance, and instruments; language development, both verbal and non-verbal (sign language); and emotional intelligence development. This class has not only been educational for the kiddos, but it has been educational for me as the parent too. Miss T really provides opportunities for parents and caregivers to connect with their littles in a new, educational way that is structured and fun.

We are so fortunate to have an extraordinary teacher. Miss T has a gift, truly. She is one of those rare people who knows everyone’s name: children, parents, siblings, caregivers, and extended family. In a class full of crazy toddlers she brings a calm, loving, and imaginative presence that children gravitate toward. She goes with the flow of the children and has a wonderful recognition of their individual and group needs–being able to adjust to such needs at the moment effortlessly. It takes a truly special person to have the gentle (but also firm) and patient nature she possesses.

Miss T is one of those people who has her business organized and step up so well for parents, communication is a breeze. And, Miss T either answers the phone every time you call or returns calls/texts in a very prompt manner. Class updates and notifications are automatic to both email and text message. There is an online song catalog and “blackboard” parents can log-on at any time for home activities. The only thing I would change about this class is having it in a different time slot during the day. However, other than that, I only have positive things to say about Miss T and her Kindermusik program, it has been such an enriching time. It is my hope to continue to enjoy Kindermusik for years to come!

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